From March to October, a stunning event occurs in Broome on two or three nights per month. When the tide is particularly low, the rippling mudflats beyond Roebuck Bay‘s sandy beaches are revealed. The full moon rises over the horizon for only 5-10 minutes on these unique nights, bouncing off the exposed sand ripples and creating a sight best known as “The Staircase to the Moon.”

But with a reverse Staircase to the Moon, instead of going to Broome Golf Club, you go to Cable Beach, to watch the moon set over the tranquil Indian Ocean.

This photo was taken 16th of May at around 5:33 am which was similarly stunning!

The remaining Staircase dates for 2022 are listed here.

Interestingly, one of the best spot to witness the Staircase to the moon is at Broome Golf Club, which was actually right next to Habitat Resort. Book your room with us and be at the right place at the right time so you never miss this amazing phenomenon.