Habitat Resort Broome

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Policy


With the increasing levels of crime in Broome over the last 5 years, Habitat Resort Broome

has implemented several crime prevention initiatives including installation of a CCTV

camera on the front entrance portico.


There are no guidelines in the Strata By Laws regarding CCTV usage and the installation of

CCTV can raise legal and privacy concerns. This policy is intended to provide guidance on

the use of CCTV and how the recordings are to be managed.


This policy outlines guidelines for:

  • the installation of CCTV cameras,
  • what can be recorded,
  • storage of recordings and
  • access to and control of the recordings.

Installation of cameras

This policy outlines guidelines for:

  • A sign will be installed at the entrance to the resort identifying that CCTV is used within the resort.
  • Guests will be advised on check in forms and also on the website that CCTV is in operation at the resort.
  • Cameras are to be installed in open positions and not concealed.
  • Cameras are only to be installed in public areas and not inside any of the units.
  • Cameras and signage may be installed within the reception building.
  • Cameras are to be placed taking into account decency expectations.
  • The CCTV cameras may record images on an internal device such as an SD card.
  • The CCTV images will be stored on an external hard drive in the reception in a secure area, under the control of the Manager.
  • Lot owners are not to install CCTV cameras on or in their own units.
  • The Strata Company is responsible for the management and maintenance of the CCTV system.


  • Recordings are to be visual only and no sound recordings.
  • Movement of people and vehicles in public areas will be recorded.
  • The Manager will develop a recording program for the CCTV based on perceived needs and outcomes.
  • Recordings will:
    - Identify vehicles moving in and out of the resort.
    - Monitor movement of people on foot around the public areas of the resort.

  • Recordings may be used to assist in:
    - Identifying unauthorised guests or vehicles.
    - Identifying persons and / or vehicles that are involved in trespass.
    - Identifying people involved in crimes such as theft whether this be in individual accommodation units, from vehicles or from common property.
    - Investigating other alleged crimes or assisting police in enquiries.
    - Helping the Manager administer the common property in accordance with Strata By Laws.
  • Recordings will be overwritten periodically as storage devices become full and need more storage space. This will generally occur on the hard drive storage device every thirty days and every seven days on in-camera SD cards.

Access and use of recordings

  • The Manager is responsible for controlling access to CCTV recordings.
  • All requests for access to recordings must go through the Manager or the relevant representative.
  • Only authorised staff members will have access to view recordings, with access determined on a needs-only basis.
  • Copies of recordings are only to be made available when an alleged crime has been committed and it has been reported to the police by guests or lot owners. In these circumstances, copies of footage are only to be provided to police and in relation to the specific alleged offence.
  • Viewing or copies of recordings are not to be used in domestic situations or domestic disputes.
  • Copies of recordings are not to be published on the internet or any other publicly accessible forum unless as permitted by law.
This policy was approved by Habitat Beach Resort Strata Company Council of Owners on 14 January 2024.

Michael Leake
Manager/ Caretaker
14 January 2024

Surveillance Devices Act 1998 (Western Australia)