Escape to a paradise where time slows down. 

Habitat Resort Broome is perfect for family, couples, group travelers seeking relaxation and unique adventure.

Welcome to Habitat Resort Broome

We invite you to embark on a journey filled with safe adventures and cozy comforts for all ages. Even if your family is seeking fun activities or an older couple yearning for peace and relaxation, there's no better time to book your tropical retreat and experience the best of Western Australia with us. Broome is perfect for family holidays where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, fascinating history, and plenty of activities for everyone. Kids can ride camels, visit crocodile parks, and play in shaded pools, while parents relax knowing there's always something to keep the children busy.

Take advantage of fantastic airfare deals from Virgin Airlines, starting at just $219 per person from Perth to Broome!
Travel Dates: 14 April 2024 to 14 June 2024 | 22 July 2024 to 23 November 2024

These value-packed airfares make Habitat Resort Broome easily accessible and budget-friendly for families and retirees alike.

How Can I Find The Best Flight Deals From Perth Broome?

There are lots of ways to save money on airfares to Broome

Flight Specials

If you are a bit flexible with your times, you can take advantage of specials offered by the airlines.  There are no set rules about airfare specials but we can give you an insider's tip about what we have noticed.

1. Book in advance -  the airlines seem to be running specials about 3-6 months in advance of travel dates now.  The earlier you book, usually the better the rate.

2. Virgin Happy Hour - most Thursdays, around 1pm Virgin runs some airfare specials across their network, often Broome is a featured destination.  Subscribe to their email and stay on top of it

3. Subscribe to our flight specials newsletter, and we can send you the latest deals as we become aware of them.  We also give our latest booking tips that we have noticed, all giving you the best chance to lock in some great deals.

Google Flights

We have been. using Google Flights fo0r years as one of our first planning tools for booking flights.  Google Flights has saved us countless $1,000's over the years.

No matter where you are coming from, you can use Google Flights to find plane tickets to get the best fares to Broome. The interactive platform will allow you to book flights from Australian airlines and online travel agency partners. 

Google Flights is a simple platform to use but there are lots of little great snippets of information hidden there that can not only save you money but also can make you r flight more relaxing.

Subscribe to our Flight Specials newsletter and we give regular tips on how to get the best out of Google Flights, and what other flight specials that are out there that will save you money.

Frequent Flyer Points

Frequent Flyer points from your flights or shopping can give you access to some incredible deals.  There are a couple of key tricks to get the best flight specials using frequent flyer points:

1.  Book in advance as far as possible as many people are trying to snap up flights with points, especially if you are looking at going at a peak time.

2. Have a little bit of flexibility and hunt around.  The airlines often have a plane on a certain day that they might want to get a few more people onto, so they release a very more points based seats.  So just because you saw the flights were high in points on one day, it is a good idea to check again over a period of time and see if any spare seats arise.

Should I book the flights or Accommodation first?

We are always here to help out.  Our recommendation is to give us a call whilst you are planning your holiday and discuss your holiday ideas.  We are always happy to put accommodation on hold for you whilst you try to sort out the airfares.  We will do that with no deposit, no cancellation fees and no charges.  We are here to make sure that you get the holiday that you want and deserve.   

Broome, A Destination for All Ages

Family-Friendly Fun

Families with young children will love exploring the wonders of Broome together. At Habitat Resort Broome, we prioritize convenience and fun for families. Our resort features include the child-friendly pools, spacious apartments, and a variety of family-friendly activities. Everything you want to do in Broome is just a five-minute drive away. Don’t worry, we offer advice and assistance for booking your flights, accommodations, tours, and car rentals.

Relaxing Retreat for Couples

For those seeking a calm and comfortable retreat, Habitat Resort Broome is the ideal destination. Enjoy leisurely nature walks or cultural experiences. Our resort offers easy access to amenities, convenient facilities, a tranquil atmosphere and the savings on your travel will be well worth the serene and engaging activities you'll enjoy during your stay.

It’s Fun for Everyone

Even without children, Broome offers plenty to explore like Self-guided walks or guided tours, art galleries with local artists' works, historical sites that tell Broome’s colorful past Broome has something for everyone, making it a perfect spot for a peaceful, relaxed, and exciting getaway.

Where do families stay in Broome?

Look no further!

Habitat Resort Broome is the ultimate holiday destination for families, couples, or friends, offering self-contained accommodations with ample open space for relaxation. Just a 5-minute drive from Cable Beach and Chinatown, the resort combines convenience with affordability, ensuring quality and service are never compromised. Nestled in eight acres of lush gardens adjacent to the Broome Golf Club, it provides a tranquil setting with a herb garden for culinary delights. Awarded prestigious medals, including gold, in the WA Tourism Awards for 5 consecutive years, the 4-star accommodations cater to diverse needs, promising a tailored and exceptional Broome experience for all.

Habitat Resort Broome Amenities

Spacious Rooms

Play Area for Children

Beautiful Swimming Pool

Poolside Rest Area

Barbecue Area

Amazing Wildlife

What our Visitors Say

This place is a hidden gem! Families with children you cannot go past this place. The grounds are amazing for the children to roam around safely. Staff are absolutely fantastic and very, very helpful. They have wonderful, fun activities for the children to do eg; using a work sheet finding different plants and trees around the grounds, then drawing them. The rooms are spacious, very comfy beds with everything you need to cook. Table outside is so nice to have a meal around. We will be back here for sure - we did not want to leave.

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How long should I stay?

We get this question a lot and the answer is simple - as long as you can! 

There is always plenty to do so don’t worry about that.

My suggestion would be a minimum of 5 days but 7 days would get the heart rate to the right level, the stress load down, and heaven forbid, you might even forget to turn the phone on some days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things to do in Broome?

The Saturday markets are on, especially with a great pre-Christmas market and continuing on all the way through the summer season.

The sunsets can be absolutely amazing with the clouds causing the sunset to be more vivid than normal and the sky lights up with a kaleidoscope of colours.

What are some popular beaches in Broome?

Broome has lots of them. Cable Beach, Town Beach, Riddell Beach, Simpson’s Beach, Entrance Point and Gantheaume Point and that is just in the town area, with lots more around. You really can’t beat a sunrise walk at 6 am along one of the beaches. And you have so much beach to yourself! Habitat Resort has its own access track to Simpson Beach on Roebuck Bay.

Yep, the jellyfish might be around though some of the locals still go for a dip, and if there is an occasional crocodile, the beaches are closed until the authorities catch the croc or deem it to be safe.

Are there cyclones in Broome?

Similar to the misunderstood wet/dry season concept, many people are often not familiar with cyclones. Cyclones are large tropical lows that have developed into more intense windy and wet weather events. They often take days to form and there is usually plenty of warning through the weather channels, so there is generally sufficient time to plan. Usually, the cyclone is over within 24-36 hours. The people of Broome are pretty aware of cyclones and will provide advice if one is imminent, so don’t panic.

How to get around in Broome?

We strongly recommend car hire to get around, but there are also abundant private taxi services as well as the Town Bus service.

Where to find us

  • 225 Port Drive, Broome, WA, 6725, Australia
  • stay@habitatbroome.com
  • 61 (0)8 9158 3500 
  • www.habitatbroome.com