Habitat Resort encourages recycling and waste minimisation and provides both recycling and waste bins. Extra bin bags are in the kitchen and bathroom cupboards under the sink. If you run out of bags, you can get more from housekeeping or reception staff. Please tie your bin bags securely before placing them in the green wheelie bins.

Place all cardboard, aluminium, paper, glass, plastics and tin in the recycle bins with yellow lids. Recyclable materials should not be in bags. Recyclables are collected every Monday and Friday. Thanks for doing your bit to look after our planet.

Rubbish is collected every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. We would really appreciate it if you could place all your rubbish in the green wheelie bin before you check out at the end of your stay. If the wheelie bins have gone walkabout, just leave your rubbish where the bins usually are located.