Watch the staircase to the moon

The Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon observed in Broome Western Australia between April and October only. It is caused by the rising of a full moon reflecting on the exposed mudflats at extremely low tide creating a beautiful optical illusion of a staircase reaching up to the moon.

The Staircase Markets are held at the Town Beach Reserve on Robinson Street over the two nights of the full moon April – October. Wander around the colorful local stalls under the stars, sample the tastes of Broome cuisine, listen to local live music and take in the spectacular Staircase to the Moon. Bring the family and enjoy a meal on the grass… Burgers, Pizza, Thai, Laksa, Satays, Fish N Chips, Raw Food, Chinese, Fruit Smoothies, Ice Cream, Donuts, Hot Dogs, Coffee and more…Stalls with jewelry, craft, clothing, confectionery, local mango products, soaps, incense, candles, photography, homewares and more can be perused at a leisurely pace in the cool evening.

Extra bus services run during this time – check with Town Bus Service for times.

Staircase to the Moon Dates 2019 (Broome)

March 2019
Thursday 21 March 18.28
Friday 22 March 19.13
Saturday 23 March 19.58
April 2019
Saturday 20 April 18.32
Sunday 21 April 19.18
Monday 22 April 20.06
May 2019
Sunday 19 May 17.55
Monday 20 May 18.44
Tuesday 21 May 19.35
June 2019
Tuesday 18 June 18.17
Wednesday 19 June 19.09
Thursday 20 June 20.01
July 2019
Wednesday 17 July 17.54
Thursday 18 July 18.46
Friday 19 July 19.36
August 2019
Friday 16 August 18.21
Saturday 17 August 19.10
Sunday 18 August 19.58
September 2019
Sunday 15 September 18.42
Monday 16 September 19.30
Tuesday 17 September 20.18
October 2019
Monday 14 October 18.15
Tuesday 15 October 19.05
Wednesday 16 October 19.56

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