Visit Historic Streeters jetty

Built around 1886, the 69m-long structure is the only remaining jetty used by Broome’s original pearling lugger fleet, and is now a popular attraction with tourists and locals.

In May 1998 the Shire of Broome successfully lobbied the pearling company Paspaley Pearls Pty Ltd to relinquish ownership of Streeter’s Jetty to allow control of the jetty to pass to the Shire. This brought to an end ongoing community concern about the fragile condition of this unique and historically significant jetty and paved the way for government funding for urgently needed conservation work. This is an example of an all too frequent dilemma, a privately owned structure of outstanding historical significance but of no commercial value to its owners requiring substantial funding to ensure its long term survival. In this paper the events which led to the Shire ofBroome moving to successfully obtain control of the jetty on behalfofthe community and to attract government support and funding are recounted together with the history of the jetty.



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