Harvest your own pearl at the Courthouse collection

Once upon a time, there was a jeweller who moved to Broome, and like all of us needed to pay some bills. Her regular jewellery took so long to make, she designed a new range to sell at the Courthouse markets. That was many chapters ago. Now I, Bridget Liddell have the very special Nathalie Pjerner running my Pearl Gallery in Broome and the beautiful Carine de San Miguel in charge of the new and refreshing website you’re looking at. Susan Houltmulen holds all the paperwork together and often me too. Our lives are as eclectic and diverse as our product…from beaches, wheat fields, babies, teenagers, long-distance love affairs, the bush, Kimberleys and city streets. While modern technology may connect the world at a click, running a business together over thousands of kilometres has its challenges…however, shared champagne together is our number one priority.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/thecourthousecollectionbroome/

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