Travel Tips to Broome 

If you are planning on traveling to Broome, you should strongly consider following some top tips from Habitat Resort Broome and some of our guests that have traveled to this area before. Here are some top useful travel tips for your next trip to Broome:

Car Hire and Travel Insurance and Excesses
Take out travel insurance and save.

Try this little tip to save you money and give you peace of mind. When you hire a car there is usually a daily rate fee and then the option of an ‘excess reduction’ fee. This ‘excess reduction’ fee will usually reduce the standard excess from several thousand thousand dollars to several hundred dollars. Usually this ‘excess reduction’ this fee is in the order of $20-$30 per day and only covers car accident related issues. On a 7 day hire this could amount to several hundred dollars, which might be the cost of a travel insurance policy which can cover the excess plus more.

Don’t forget to check your credit card conditions as some credit cards offer free travel insurance if you book the holiday using the card. As always read the fine print.

International travellers
Domestic flights in Australia can be quite expensive. However if you book the domestic leg as part of the total ticket, you can often add the Broome to Perth leg for a fraction of the normal price and maintain all your international baggage allowances.

For example, book the the flight from London or Frankfurt through to Broome. Sometimes the Perth to Broome leg can be included for as little as an extra $100 each. Often guests book London or Frankfurt to Perth and then a separate leg Perth to Broome. If the Perth to Broome leg is added separately it might be $300-$400 dollars extra each way.

it is also possible to add a stay over for little or no extra cost by making it a multi city booking. Again with little or no extra cost. Money that is better in your pocket than the airlines for exactly the same service!

Put your accommodation on hold before booking flights
At Habitat Resort we are focused on helping out guests get the holiday they want. We are very happy to put accommodation on hold for you while you confirm your flight. This reduces the worry of ensuring that you can match up all your details.

Book direct, book direct!! Save, save.
At Habitat we will always match and beat any valid price that is offered by another website. Just call us and you can have the confidence of being able to book with a business that is where you are going to holiday, and at a better price. If you need to change anything it is very easy by phone or email, and you are not transferred to a call centre in the US or Singapore!

Nearly all the online booking sites are controlled by two foreign companies – Expedia and with each of them having numerous subsidiaries and between them they control over 80% of the online booking market. Did you know Trivago is owned by Expedia? Did you know that Trivago won’t show the hotel rates if they are cheaper than Expedia’s!!! Did you know that these companies also charge up to 20% commission if you book with them. They might not charge you the fees but they don’t give you, the guest, the best price because we have to pay these foreign companies the large commissions. If you book direct we don’t pay these commissions and we can share the savings with you. More money in your pocket!

Book Direct today with us:

Find family-friendly accommodations: Family friendly accommodations at a place like Habitat Resort Broome will not only help you to stay in a sustainable and enjoyable environment but in a hotel which is suited perfectly for families. Family-friendly rooms are designed with larger groups in mind and with amenities that include activities for younger children, older children and adults.

Prepare for the beach: The Cable Beach in Broome is absolutely spectacular available for you to drive along the beach, set a picnic and bird watching. Check out a real working pearl farm or watch unique sunsets more popularly known as “Staircase to the Moon”. Beach life is alive and well here. Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, water shoes and a good beach hat.

Bring along the golf clubs: if you are an avid golfer, Broome is one of the best places to enjoy this sport. With a wealth of golf courses in the area you could squeeze in a quick round or enjoy some time off from touring during your vacation.

Check out some of these top experiences and remember these travel tips for your trip to Broome.