Sporting Activities You Can Try And Watch In Broome

Broome, in the surface, may be a destination for relaxation and sight-seeing. But Broome has a lot more to offer especially in the area of sports. Whenever you visit Broome in Australia, whether you are a spectator or a sport enthusiast, include and engage in these sports in your itinerary to ignite your adrenaline rush. Some of them include the following:

Turtle Kayak Adventure

One of the outstanding adventures which you can ever experience in Australia is the Turtle Kayak Adventure. This would give you an amazing opportunity to discover the outstanding maritime environment and see the best of Broome’s coastline for 3 hours. Witness also the best sunset in Broome which it is usually called “Staircase the to the Moon”.

Marvel at the Cable Beach Polo

One of the most anticipated event in Australia is Cable Beach Polo. Polo players, tourists, media as well as celebrities come together to have fun, place their bets, eat delicious food and attend music and fashion events. Usually held on May every year, this event provides a great entertainment for visitors and enthusiasts alike.

Play golf on the green golf course

Golf is one of the sports you can enjoy for social activities. Which means you and your family can participate in or watch whenever you visit Broome. Enjoy free green fees when you stay at Habitat Resort Broome.

Take Yoga class

Broome is a nice place to take a breather and try yoga. Yoga is known all around the world as a kind of exercise which will keep the body as well as soul fit. Living Hands, Flow Movement Space and Blue Body Buddha Sanctuary offer yoga classes when you need the much needed stretch and relaxation.

All these events would provide a memorable experience for you and would make you want to visit Broome every now and then.


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