Broome is blessed with warm to hot weather almost every day of the year. For your comfort all apartments and bungalows are fitted with split system and / or RAC wall-mounted air-conditioning units, as well as overhead fans. Key tags need to be correctly placed in key tag switches for the air-conditioners to work. Use the selector dial to adjust the settings on your RAC units and the wall-mounted controls for the split systems.

It is recommended that you have your split system air-conditioners set between 22 and 24 degrees. Any lower than this may cause them to freeze up or leak. It will also be harder for you to adjust to the Kimberley heat when you head outdoors. Please make sure you turn the air-conditioners off when you go out by removing your key tag every time. It only takes a minute or two for your room to cool when you return.

You are welcome to smoke outside on your verandah. Please use the ashtray provided. There are plenty of bins around the resort for you to dispose of cigarette butts if  you are not at your unit.

We understand that you would rather not be slaving over a kitchen sink during your holiday, so all apartments and bungalows have dishwashers. You will find dishwashing powder under the kitchen sink. To avoid odours, leave the dishwasher door ajar when not in use and please don’t attempt to use the dishwashing liquid in the dishwashers, only powder.

If you want to be a little more water conscious, we have provided dishwashing liquid and a sponge (also under the kitchen sink), to wash by hand. Please leave all empty containers in the cupboard. Many of the dishwashers make a clicking sound for a short time when initially turned on. This is normal and not a sign of malfunction. Instruction manuals are located in the bottom drawer in the kitchen or in the lamp table drawer in the 1 bedroom apartments.

A complimentary supply of tea, coffee, sugar and milk has been provided to get you going before you do your own shopping. If you are staying 7 days or longer, housekeeping will contact you to arrange a midweek service. Your room supplies will be topped up, free of charge, during your mid week service.

If you are staying less than 7 days, you can buy extra supplies from reception. Filter coffee, for use with your coffee plunger, is also available for purchase from reception.