From March to October in Broome, witness a breathtaking natural phenomenon known as Staircase to the Moon.

It is caused by the rising of the full moon reflecting off the exposed mudflats at extremely low tide – creating a beautiful optical illusion of a widening golden staircase that extends all the way to the moon.

The Staircase to the Moon in Broome is often complemented by the local markets at Town Beach.  Here you can sample local fare, purchase crafts and delight in talented local entertainers.

Staircase is also visible for various other vantage points along Roebuck bay, including the Broome Golf Club, right next door to Habitat Resort Broome.

The times vary slightly for each location, so make sure to check with reception at Habitat Resort Broome for up to the minute information.

2013 Staircase Dates (Broome)



  28th  6.30pm
29th  7.19pm
30th  8.11pm

23rd  6.14pm
24th  7.16pm
25th  8.16pm



26th  5.59pm
27th  6.55pm
28th  7.54pm

21st  5.58pm
22nd  6.57pm
23rd  7.54pm



26th  6.39pm
27th  7.43pm
28th  8.47pm

20th  6.35pm
21st  7.30pm
22nd  8.24pm



24th  6.27pm
25th  7.32pm
26th  8.34pm

19th  6.12pm
20th  7.06pm
21st  7.59pm