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Broome’s Catalina Flying Boat Wrecks from 1942

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Visit a part of Broome’s history, in Broome’s Roebuck Bay.  30mins walk from Town Beach is a sunken armada of historic flying boats from World War II.  No other place in the world has such a collection of rare and historically significant flying boats.

All 15 were sunk in a matter of minutes of each other, destroyed during an air raid by nine Mitsubishi A6M.2 ‘Zero’ fighters of the 3rd Kokutai (Aircraft Group), Imperial Japanese Navy, on 3 March 1942.  creating a snap shot of a tragedy in Australia’s aviation history.

Six of the Catalina Boat Wrecks are visible at tides less than 0.86m, it is recommended you allow an hour to walk to out to the wrecks, and an hour to return to shore. Enclosed shoes are also recommended.


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