Royal Poinciana is one of the world’s brightest trees! Spring and summer is the season for the most flamboyant show of reddish-orange flowers you will ever see on a large tropical tree. It’s almost as if the tree is glowing with lights due to the blooms’ bright vivid colour.

The royal poinciana is a fast-growing evergreen tree with an abundance of crimson blossoms. It’s a popular choice in many tropical and subtropical areas. It needs a large area away from structures in order for its expansive roots to flourish.

This tree is famous around the world for its clusters of exquisite red flowers that cover the tree and appear during the summer months when the weather is warm. The five petals are reddish-orange or scarlet in colour. One petal is larger than the others and is marked with yellow and white. The fruit is a seed pod that can grow to be over a foot long, and the seeds and seedlings can be planted at any time.

We were fortunate to witness this magnificent tree blossoming its petals, which displayed the famous Broome colours of bright orange here at Habitat Resort. It looks great in the garden with green lushes that complement each other. Because of the tree’s height and colours, it stands out among the trees that surround the resort, creating a bright, happy atmosphere that the guests loved.

If you ever visit Broome, stay at Habitat Resort and enjoy the view while relaxing in a serene environment.