Amazing and Unique Things You Need to Experience in Broome

Broome has a surprising amount of amazing and unique attractions. You can experience the multicultural, friendly, and sunny pearling town, stunning white beaches and turquoise water. Some of its popular places include Chinese and Japanese architecture, museums, and art galleries. Sunset camel rides are also very popular. All these attractions add a distinct flavor to Broome, making it a one of a kind destination.

Following are 10 amazing and unique things you need to experience in Broome:

1. Watch Staircase to The Moon

Staircase to the Moon is one of the most fascinating and moving experiences that occur in Broome. This natural phenomenon only occurs when the full moon rises over the mudflats. The sky creates an amazing view that looks like a stairway to the moon. It occurs about three times a month depending on the tides, sunset, and weather.

2. Visit Dinosaur Footprints

Gantheaume Point is located just ten minutes away from the city center of Broome. It is a picturesque contrast of the shimmering blue sea with deep pindan red cliffs. Here, you can actually see real 130-million-year-old dinosaur footprints at extreme low tides. This is one of the best paleontological sites in the world.


3. Ride the Iconic Camels

Sunset camel tours are one of the primary attractions of Broome. Several companies offer these rides and each company offers different incentives. You may feel uncomfortable riding a camel at first, but these docile, gentle creatures are too cute to pass up. Not to mention the sunset shots are to die for.

4. Enjoy the Outdoor Movies

Broome has the oldest outdoor theater in the world. Despite tidal floods, bombings, and even cyclones, Sun Pictures outdoor cinema has astoundingly stood the test of time. Even the deck chairs that are old look like they are from the previous century. Enjoy a movie under the stars.

5. Enjoy the Pearl Lugger

Pearls are an important part of Broome’s history and culture. So, it is highly recommended that you join a pearl luggers tour and learn about the rich history and amazing technological advances that make Broome a thriving hub in the pearl industry.

6. Go on a Garden Tour at Habitat Resort

Habitat Resort is an outstanding resort that offers four-star accommodation that is set amongst tropical gardens. The resort is only a five-minute drive from the famous Cable Beach. The garden tour is certainly worth it as the atmosphere is relaxed and stylishly tropical, ideal for a quiet retreat or a romantic getaway.


7. Take a Trip Out to the Horizontal Falls

This is one of the must-do things in Broome. The trip to the Horizontal Falls will allow you to experience some of the well-known natural features of Broome. Take a trip out to the Horizonal Falls and have fun on a jet boat ride through the waterfall during the tide change.

8. Discover Broome’s Galleries

Broome is a town where visiting local galleries such as Gecko Gallery or Old Broome Lockup is likely to yield a treasured purchase. If you are an art lover, then you will surely have a great time visiting some of Broome’s galleries.

9. Visit Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park provides a home for varied species and ages of reptiles that previously wandered into populated areas. See hatchlings to full grown crocodiles through staff presentations and feeding demonstrations.

10. Stroll Through Chinatown

Chinatown truly demonstrates Broome’s diverse character and history. It is the mix you would expect of Asian influence on Australian colonial style architecture. It is fun to have a stroll through Chinatown and collect your trinkets as the place is full of tourist tat shops.


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