Smartphones made a whole lot of things much easier, especially travel. Thanks to the little super-computer in your pocket, getting around unfamiliar places is a piece of cake. Here are our 10 best apps that every backpacker in Australia should download.

  1. WAZE
    A go-to travel app when you’re driving. It offers free driving directions, traffic reports and GPS navigation. Waze users report traffic incidents so the information is current and after you put in your destination, Waze will find you the fastest route there. It also helps you avoid traffic jams on many occasions!

  2. PackPoint
    What’s the one thing you always forget to pack? Sunglasses, adapters? Undies?! Whatever it is, with PackPoint, you’ll never forget them again. PackPoint builds you a custom packing list based on what your activities will be during your travels.

  3. Hopper
    A lot of apps claim to offer the best prices for booking flights and hotels but Hopper has an edge to it. It takes the guesswork out of wondering if you could get a better rate by telling you when to book and when to wait! It predicts, with 90% accuracy, when you’re likely to get the best rates on bookings for hotels and flights and, with a 12 month forecast, you can see when the cheapest time to travel is likely to be. It’s totally free, tracking prices and sending you notifications when it’s time to scoop up a bargain. Every little bit of money saved on travel helps, right?! Find Hopper here. 

  4. Tripcase
    You know when you’re booking all your travel and you have loads of confirmation emails and trip details floating around? Well, TripCase is like a personal assistant that helps you get organized. Before your trip, you can forward all your confirmations to a dedicated email address and they’re automatically added to your itinerary. You can view flight information, receive notifications of any changes and view your seat on the flight as well as see what’s available with real-time seat maps! Another cool feature is the ability to share trip information with your contacts. It’s a valuable organizational tool for anyone who travels regularly. Find TripCase here. 

  5. Trail Wallet
    When you’re having the time of your life, you can sometimes forget you don’t have an endless supply of money and forget to keep track of your spending. Introducing: Trail Wallet! With fun and user-friendly interface, Trail Wallet makes tracking your expenses fun. Set a budget per trip or per month and just add your expenses as you go – take a photo of the receipt and you’re done! You’ll be able to see what you’re spending your money on and know when to slow down and when you have room to splurge a little. Designed by travelers, the app is intuitive, easy to use and will make budgeting a breeze.

  6. XE Currency Converter
    XE Currency Converter is my go-to conversion app! If you’re visiting Australia from overseas, it’s going to help you figure out the exchange rate with no hassle or guesswork. The exchange rates are live, provided you’re connected to the internet and, even if you aren’t, it’ll save the last updated rate so you can still use it. You simply add the currencies you need, enter the amount and it’ll convert it for you quickly and easily. It has saved us a number of times, especially when we’re trying to figure out how much money to take out of the ATM. Find XE Currency Converter here. 

  7. Beachsafe
    Australia has no shortage of incredible beaches, but it’s important to know which are safe for swimming and which aren’t. Beachsafe comes to you direct from the Australian Surf Life Saving Association and is designed to keep you safe. You’ll be able to search for every Australian beach under the sun and look up hazards and updates on the water. Remember: just because a beach looks safe, doesn’t mean it’s free of dangerous rips. As well as checking the Beachsafe app regularly, always choose to swim at patrolled beaches and stay between the red and yellow flags.

  8. Whatsapp/Messenger
    Roaming charges are the devil, so it’s important to have a simple way to communicate with your loving friends and family back home. There are plenty of options out there, but the best ones are probably WhatsApp and Messenger by Facebook – all you have to do is be connected to WiFi or have data and boom, you may contact the outside world. You’re also going to need a handy way to communicate with your new friends from around the world! Don’t let your parents worry – put a few minutes aside to check in with them via one of these instant messaging apps, and they’ll rest easy at night knowing you’re safe and sound.

  9. PocketGuide
    PocketGuide is the perfect app for anyone traveling on a budget who still really wants to get the most out of their trip. It’s also perfect for anyone with social anxiety and/or introverts (me)! The app is like having a tour guide in your pocket. Guided walking tours are loaded into the app and you simply pop in your headphones and follow along.

  10. Uber
    Uber is widely available across Australia, and is your safest and most economical option for getting back to us when catching public transport may not be viable, such as if it’s late at night, you’re on your own, you’re simply too pooped to deal with unfamiliar public transport or you’re just plain lost! It’s always handy to have Uber at the ready when traveling unfamiliar territory.

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