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Fantastic things to do in Broome

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Broome has many wonderful attractions and with an ever increasing number of fun experiences to try in Broome, it can be hard to narrow down the list of some of the must see attractions in this area. Here are some of the top experiences that you can try in Broome for your next vacation:

Checking out the crocodile farm: Broome has a specialty crocodile farm that rescues these amazing animals. The Malcolm Douglas crocodile part is a great place that you can go to see real life rehabilitated crocodiles and a number of demonstrations on these animals.
Mango farm experience: check out a real working mango farm and experience a unique lunch with wine pairings and mango juices. This is a great place to learn more about how tropical fruits are grown and to pick your very own mangos!
Oyster hunting: on many of the wars throughout Broome you can have a chance to try out some amazing oysters at incredible prices. In many cases you can buy oysters by the bulk and start hunting for your own pearls. Go out with the boats for the full experience!
Whale/ dugong and dolphin watching: if you wanted to explore the oceans there are many charters available for whale watching, snubnosed dolphin sightings as well as dugong sightings. Anyone of these experiences could be a remarkable way that you can enjoy a unique vacation experience.
Check out the Mastos brewery and restaurant: Mastos is known for its amazing beer and the masto’s head brewer brings together a number of natural ingredients from the island to produce ginger beer and other unique creations. Check out their brewery and restaurant to sample some of the local pale ale, ginger beer and more. Fresh barbecuing fresh cocktails await here!

For close access to any of these fantastic vacation options remember that Habitat Resort in Broome is available for booking today. This four-star accommodation resort offers award-winning tropical gardens and one of the greatest locations in Broome for travellers.


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